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When it comes to protecting your commercial or residential property from termites and other destructive insects, Dave’s provides a safe, effective, and professional job every time. Our years of education, training, modern technology, and experience will provide your real estate with the best protection possible.

Pest Control Services in Massachusetts and Northern Connecticut

When it comes to pest control, Dave’s Pest Control has the safest and most effective solutions for your home or business. Below are some of the most common pest management services.

Termite Control: A thorough termite inspection and termite control is essential in protecting your investment. Proper inspection and control can help to save thousands of dollars in the future and put your mind to rest now.  Learn more about Dave’s Pest Control Termite Control Services.

Tick & Mosquito Control: Mosquito prevention and population reduction is the most effective long-term approach to mosquito control. There are many methods used for mosquito control. Learn more about Dave’s Pest Control Tick & Mosquito Control Services.

Ant Control: Dave’s Pest Control is here to help with all types of ant infestation problems. From carpenter ants to pavement ants and all varieties in between, Dave’s will assess the situation and come up with a plan tailored to fit your needs. Learn more about Dave’s Pest Control Ant Control Services.

Bed Bug Removal: Bed Bugs are nasty parasites that feed on human blood. They are extremely resilient and good at hiding. That’s why professional pest control is so important in eradicating bed bugs. Learn more about Dave’s Pest Control Bed Bug Removal Services.

Rodent Control: If you see signs of rodent activity in your home, or wish to forestall future invasion, it’s time to give Dave’s Pest Service a call. Learn more about Dave’s Pest Control Rodent Control Services.

If you are dealing with unwanted pests, call Dave’s Pest Control today to begin the removal process now.

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