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“Dave’s Pest Control has taken care of our home through the years and provided us with the friendliest, professional, and knowledgeable service we could ask for!

When we purchased our home, it soon became apparent that we had a major termite/ant problem. Our roof was poor for many years prior to our owning it and, as a result, water had been coming behind two of our primary exterior house walls. The termites and ants were attracted to the moisture and the wood was gone! All had to be replaced.

Dave’s came in on the dates we requested and met with our contractors to ensure all pest issues were cleared up behind the old walls before the new walls were installed.

They also repeatedly inspected our home (without our having to call), set insect traps and advised us of where to clear vegetation near the house, and much more to prevent any further destruction. We have never had a problem again!

Inside and out, Charlie knows that we only want treatments that are safe for our pets as well as for the bees and butterflies in our gardens. The natural treatments he uses have been extremely effective and they smell good.

Charlie is patient, kind, friendly, and I feel completely safe with him coming in our home. He is also very educated in his job and continues to pursue further certifications so he can be the very best.

We are thrilled with Dave’s Pest Control. Thank you!”

— Bruce Whyte and Michelle Burns

Home Owners, Spencer, MA

“It was my pleasure to acknowledge Dave’s Pest Control during the Better Business Torch Awards Ceremony. It’s always nice to recognize all the BBB-worthy businesses-especially those with which I have done business!

We will certainly be in contact when (not if) we hear more critters scampering around our house!”

— Richard Powell

2015 Torch Award Presenter, Better Business Bureau of Central Massachusetts

“Dave’s Pest Control came highly recommended by our neighbor.  Now I can see why – the professional treatment we received is worth its weight in gold!  I will certainly recommend Dave’s to my friends and family.”
— Marti Carpenter

Southbridge, MA

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