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All About Bed Bugs

How do bed bugs get in your house? Where do bed bugs hide during the day? Bed bugs have been a plague on mankind on since the beginning of time. They are awful little pests that tend to make homes and businesses suffer from their presence with their blood pilfering...

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Natural Remedies that Help Prevent & Repel Pests

Pest control is a necessity all year long to keep pests under control. The change in the weather also means the change in the type of pests that you are sure to see. In the cold winter months you will see more rodents while the hot weather of summer sends in the...

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Signs of Squirrels in Attic

We are in the thick of winter, and temperatures are frigid. Not only do we as humans want to avoid spending time outside, but pests do as well. One pest we are going to discuss today are squirrels. They can wreak havoc if they find a way into your attic. Dave’s Pest...

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How to Prevent & Get Rid of Earwigs

There are about 25 different species of earwigs throughout America. Most people believe that these pests got their name by crawling in people’s ears and laying their eggs. This however is not true. These insects usually stick to the outdoors until the weather begins...

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