Many homeowners and commercial property management teams feel safe in the winter from dreaded pests. Where many of the pest population seem to dwindle, there are still some pests that are year round, and others that are biding their time waiting to pounce on the unsuspecting homeowner or business owner. Dave’s Pest Control would like to enlighten you on where pests go during winter.

Insects & Pests that Migrate, Hibernate & Overwinter

Many insects in particular, have different methods to survive the cold winter months; migration, hibernation, or overwintering in different stages of life.
Insect Migration. Migrating is a common practice among pests to escape the freezing temperatures that are not livable. These insects for example, are some species of butterflies, dragonflies and many of the insects that often invade crops.
Larvae Overwintering. To escape the bitter cold, some insects may burrow deep into the ground for protection as larvae. Larvae may also survive the winter protected by covers of leaf litter or other organic barriers and some of the insects as larvae will replace the water in their bodies with glycerol to beat the winter.
Nymphs Overwintering. Insects that endure the winter as nymphs will often emerge as adults in early spring. Stonefly, mayfly, and dragonfly nymphs will secure their defenses below the ice sheets of ponds and streams and actively live until the ice melts in the spring.
Eggs Overwintering. Fewer insects push through as eggs during the winter. The ones that do are often tucked safely away in warmer environments, and when the spring flowers bloom, they hatch and are ready to wreak havoc.
Pupae Overwintering. Insects, in their pupae state will secure their place on food plant branches and emerge as adults after the winter passes.
Adult Pest Hibernation. The majority of the insects choose to hibernate in the winter. Many of the flying insects, like bees and wasps will seclude themselves in the hives, flapping their wings periodically in an effort to stay warm. Where many insects have their own practices for surviving the winter months, rest assured that when spring arrives they emerge from their seclusion and continue to infiltrate your home as they see fit.

Fall & Winter Pest Control

With a number of insects and wildlife that are still seemingly active during the winter months, the numbers may be a reprieve, but the other pests that continue about their regular business all year long still pose a threat to your home or business by either inflicting damage to the structure or property, posing a health risk, or simply looking grotesque to invoke child-like fear. Some pests will haunt you all the year long. To ensure your home or business is well protected from the winter invaders and to better prepare for the outbreak in spring, consider utilizing regularly scheduled maintenance services by your professional. Dave’s Pest Control offers a number of pest control services and custom packages for your convenience. Call us today to get started on your winter pest control and spring preparation.