Okay…I’ve been blogging about pest threats the past several months. Now, let’s test your Pest Threat knowledge! (Answers below)

QU. #1: What pest destroys enough food each year to feed 200 million people?

QU. #2: What pest causes the most damage every year to property?

QU. #3: Do ants damage property?

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ANSWER question #1: Rats! These pests rely on their senses of taste, touch, smell and sound to find food sources. Rats will eat almost anything including meat, cereal, fruits and vegetables. The United States has two main types of rats: the Norway rat and the roof rat.

ANSWER question #2: The underground termite causes $1.5 billion of damages every year. This termite can be found in over 600,000 homes in the United States every year. Dining on wood, books, wallpaper, fabric and paper, these pests are dinner guests that just don’t know when to leave.