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How Weather Affects Insects

When the weather outside changes so does the amount of activity. Not only for people but also for pests. The change in temperature is one way that pests are affected but that is not the only thing that changes the course of pests. The weather can be rainy, dry, cold...

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How to Get Rid of Roaches in Kitchens & Homes

There is a common myth that cockroaches are no longer a problem with the winter season. It may seem that cockroaches are less of a problem during the colder season because we see less of them. However, homes and businesses get invaded by pests more in the winter time...

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At What Temperature Do Bed Bugs Die?

Colder weather is a relief for allergy sufferers but will it keep bed bugs at away? If there is a source of food, bed bugs will stay active all year long. Bed bugs feed on blood and each time we crawl into bed it’s feeding time for them. What Do Bed Bugs Look Like...

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How Mice Spread Lyme Disease

White footed mice. While they look super cute in pictures they don’t look so cute scurrying across the floors in your home or leaving trails of disease carrying feces. If you live in Massachusetts, having a white footed mouse infestation is a serious possibility....

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