Pest control is a necessity all year long to keep pests under control. The change in the weather also means the change in the type of pests that you are sure to see. In the cold winter months you will see more rodents while the hot weather of summer sends in the flying and stinging pests. Whatever type of pests you are dealing with, you need to continue your pest control services. Although this is the best way to deal with pests you can also do more as the homeowner. Most people will do all that they can to keep pests away. There are some easy to use smells and odors that can help to deter and prevent many type of pests.

Smells & Odors That Can Be Used To Keep Pests Away From Your Home

Plants that Repel Insects: If you choose to plant herbs to help prevent pests just know that there are added benefits. One of the best things about planting herbs around your home is that they have been known to deter pests. Another added benefit is that the plants will add curb appeal to your home and increase the value as well. Lastly and the most tasty part of herbs is that you can then use them in your cooking. Fresh herbs from your garden is a great way to keep pests away and make a great meal. You are getting three benefits from planting herbs and one of them is pest prevention.

Peels From Citrus Fruits Prevent Pests: It seems as if citrus fruit is used in many home remedies including to clean out a garbage disposal, polish wood and now to prevent pests. Many pests do not like the smell of citrus fruit so you can cut off the peel of an orange, lemon or lime and use it to rub on specific surfaces. The peels will not only add a barrier to pest entry points but can be used to add a nice fragrance to your home as well. The pest that is most deterred by using citrus are spiders which happen to be one of the most feared pests.

Cedar Wood Repels Insects: If you are starting to see holes in your clothes you could be dealing with moths! They are a nasty little critter that feeds on the fabric in your closets and drawers. There is a great way to keep pests out of your home and that is to use cedar chips. These small bits of wood act as a natural deterrent for them.

Vinegar Repels Ants: If you want a great way to get rid of ants then vinegar is the answer. Ants are a real pain for many people due to the vast numbers that tend to invade. They live in colonies that reach thousands and that means that it is hard to treat for them. The best way to treat for ants is to use water and white vinegar in a water bottle. You can spritz it around the home and area that ants like to congregate to keep them away from your home.

Professional Pest Management

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