Rodents are a big pest that come out and cause trouble most often in the fall weather. They are looking for a place to get a free meal and also a place to nest in the cooler months. The best place is usually a house where food crumbs are in abundance, water is freely available and places to nest are endless. Rodents are a pest that are a real nuisance that can also cause damage to your home as well as aggravate allergies and asthma. If you suspect rodents are in your home, you can call a professional pest control company to come out and inspect your home and treat for them. Rodents are a nuisance but there is more to them than meets the eye. There are some facts and information about rodents especially rats and mice that you might not know.

Interesting Facts About Rats & Mice That You Might Not Have Known

Rats Are Compassionate:
Rats are a rodent that is extremely social and has been known to show compassion for others. If there is a rat they know is injured in some way the other rats will come and care for it and try to get it better. They are also extremely social and they have found that when they are left alone without companionship they will become depressed and saddened. They also are known to act happy and even will make sounds that are similar to laughter when they are happy or excited.

Rats Don’t Need to Drink Lots Of Water:
Some people think that water will draw rats into their home but that is not true. They are looking more so for food. The water that they need is usually found in the food they eat and they can go longer than a camel can without water.

Rats Tails Are Important:
A rat is able to use their whiskers to help guide them around since they have extremely poor eyesight. Another part of the rat that is important to a rat is their tail. The tail is used for balance as well as a way for the rat to regulate their body temperature.

Rats Are Intelligent:
A rat is a really smart rodent and many people will have one as a pet because of it. They are social but they are extremely smart too. Studies have shown that once a rat has been shown a path or route to food they can re-trace that exact route again. They are able to retain the information and go back to the spot they were shown to collect food or shelter.

There Are Lots Of Mice in My House:
You may think there are only a few species of mice but there are more than 30 species that are all distinguishable. They vary in size and color and the areas that are found most commonly.

What Food Do Mice Eat?:
A mouse is a small rodent that can fit through a tiny gap as small as a nickel. With that being said they eat a lot. They tend to eat more than 20 times a day and that is why they tend to nest near an area they can find food like your kitchen.

Mice Are Neat & Organized:
If you thought that mice were a nasty mess you would be wrong. They are extremely organized and their burrows are extensive. They have tunnels all over and different exits for particular areas they want to go. The burrows have specific areas for food, sleeping and a place to use the bathroom.

Rodent Control

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