One of the pests that always seem to show up at the beginning of the summer are cockroaches. They are a nasty little pest that most people want nothing to do with and when you see one you want to get rid of it as soon as possible. Cockroaches are one of those pests that are sneaky and will hide from you during the day when the home is active. When the lights go out and the house seems to quieten down they start to venture out and search for food and water. The size of a cockroach allows them to easily hide in small gaps, cracks and under appliances and furniture. When you come out for a midnight snack and switch on the light you may notice a few start to scamper away. This means that you have more than you thought and you want to contact a pest control company as soon as possible to have the cockroach infestation treated. A cockroach is known to spread disease and bacteria just by walking across a surface that you then later will touch or use. They also can cause asthma and allergy sufferers to have trouble breathing. If you suspect that you have cockroaches in your home make sure you have your home treated today!

Cockroach Identification & Control

German Cockroach: This is a cockroach that is extremely common in the area but is not one of the biggest. They reach about a half an inch in length and are usually tan color but can vary to other shades of brown as well. They also can be identified by the black lines that run from the base of the head down the back of the wigs. This German Cockroach has a full set of wings but they do not fly. They have been known to live outdoors well when the temperature is right but would prefer the inside of a home especially during a cool night.
American Cockroach: This is another cockroach that you are sure to see around this summer. They are a very large species of cockroach and the full grown adult can reach up to two inches in length. They are usually a more reddish brown coloring with a small yellow section near the back of the head. They also have a fully developed set of wings but are much faster walking than flying. They love to be in an area that is moist so pay close attention in your pools, patios and bathrooms areas.
Oriental Cockroach: This is another cockroach that you may see and you can tell them from the other two because the very shiny dark brown to black coloring. They are about an inch in length when fully grown and some people even refer to them as a waterbug. The nickname is due the area that these cockroaches are found often and that is in a damp space.

Cockroach Prevention Tips

If you want to keep cockroaches out of your home you can start by keeping anything that they can eat properly packaged and put away. That can be a small scrap left on the kitchen floor or a sink that has dirty dishes in them. Cockroaches are always on the look out for a quick meal. You also want to makes sure that you seal up any areas that a cockroach may be able to fit in and get into your home. This can be done with new weather stripping and some caulking that can be found at a local home improvement store. The last way to prevent cockroaches and other pests is to have your home treated by a professional pest control company on a regular basis.

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