Nothing is quite as cozy as a blazing fire in your fireplace to keep you warm at night. That is, until you find that your firewood is infested with pests. The last thing you want to be doing is bringing pests into your home via firewood. Dave’s Pest Control is here to help you avoid having pests invade your firewood pile, and more over, avoid bringing pests into your home.

What Pests are Usually Found in Firewood?

There are several crawling, creeping pests that make their home in firewood. Some of them can cause bigger problems than others. You may find several different types of spiders in your firewood, along with beetles and cockroaches. None of these pests are welcome guests in your home. There are a couple pests you want to be very aware of, because they can cause severe damage to your home if they make their way inside. These pests include carpenter ants and termites. These wood destroying insects can end up causing thousands of dollars in property damage if they are left untreated in your home!

How to Keep Mice & Other Pests Out of Your Firewood Pile & Home

Here are some tips to keep pests out of your firewood and also, out of your house.
1. Store Firewood Away from House– Your firewood pile should not be near your home. You should stack any firewood at least 20 to 30 feet away from your house to avoid pests gaining entry or even coming in contact with your home.
2. Keep Firewood Off the Ground– When storing your firewood, you should find a way to store it up off the ground. This will make it harder for pests to get into your firewood pile.
3. Cover Your Firewood– Keeping your firewood covered will not only keep it dry and ready to burn, but it will also make it less appealing to wood destroying insects. They are often drawn to wood that has some sort of water damage or rot.
4. Don’t Bring Too Much Firewood Inside– When you are bringing firewood inside for your fire, don’t bring a lot of excess wood. Just bring in the wood necessary for building the fire. When you start to store it in your house, you run the risk of bringing pests in with the firewood and allowing them time to get off the wood and roam around your home.

Treating Firewood for Insects; Don’t Spray with Pesticide

It might be your first instinct to treat your firewood with insecticides. This is a bad idea. When you try to treat the wood, you actually force the insects to bore deeper into the wood. It is not only ineffective to try and treat the wood, but when you burn it, chemicals are released into your home. If you are worried that you have insects in your home, don’t hesitate to call Dave’s Pest Control. We can eradicate any pest problems you may have and make your home pest free again. Call us today!