Worcester County, Massachusetts is home to a variety of insect and other pest species that will attempt to gain access into your home this summer. Cockroaches, ants, termites, spiders and other pests become more active as the weather gets warmer, making your home more vulnerable to a pest infestation. The best way to protect your home from insects and other annoying pests is to hire Dave’s Pest Control to keep your home far from pests and prevent any damage from occurring. Many homeowners make the mistake of taking on pest control by themselves and purchasing ineffective over the counter solutions that only end up costing you money and letting you down in the long run. Hire Dave’s Pest Control for professional, effective and dependable pest control service this summer and throughout the entire year.

What Causes Silverfish?

One of the most common household pests that appear when weather warms up is the silverfish. Silverfish are nocturnal insects that thrive in high humidity and warm temperatures. Silverfish inside of your home can move very quickly, making it difficult to know that they are even there. Many homeowners do not realize that they have a silverfish problem until a healthy infestation has occurred. Silverfish are able to thrive within your home due to their easily satisfied diet of starchy foods, paper and fabric; all materials that can easily be found within the walls of your home. Silverfish do not bite, but they are still a creepy nuisance that can become destructive to your belongings. The best way to eliminate silverfish from your home is to target them at their source. Dave’s Pest Control specializes in pin pointing the exact location of silverfish within your home and removing them promptly.

How to Get Rid of House Centipedes

Centipedes are one of the creepier looking pests that homeowners will come into contact with; their endless amount of legs, elongated bodies and glimmering eyes can send chills down your spine. Centipedes and millipedes aren’t insects, they are classified as arthropods as they have many body segments (insects only have three). One fact about centipedes that most homeowners fail to realize is that the main food source of a centipede is insects. Centipedes are fast and nocturnal, just like silverfish, and are difficult to even identify. Centipedes can live up to six years, and if they go unseen within your home, you can bet that an infestation is bound to occur. Dave’s Pest Control will eliminate the presence of centipedes within your home by eliminating all other insects that have gained access into your home. Our technicians are skilled and experienced in tracking down centipedes and removing them!

How to Keep Millipedes out of your House

Like silverfish and centipedes, millipedes are a pest that can give people quite a fright just from their appearance alone. Millipedes are often referred to as the thousand legged worm, having an elongated body that looks very similar to an earth worm, with the addition of countless legs on its undercarriage. Millipedes have a different diet from silverfish and centipedes. Millipedes feed on decaying vegetation like root crops, degrading flower bulbs and overly ripe fruit. The best way to remove millipedes from your home or property is to contact Dave’s Pest Control today. Dave’s Pest Control will take care of all your summer pest control needs.