The Longbodied Cellar Spider, also known as Cellar Spider, is most commonly known as the Daddy Long Legs. The longbodied cellar spider is one of the most common spider species found inside homes and commercial buildings. They love to build their webs in the corners of the walls and ceilings and can become quite bothersome to clean up after. There are many misconceptions about the longbodied cellar spider which Dave’s Pest Control would like to help folks understand. This will help you to better protect your home or business building from these pests.

Cellar Spider Identification

The cellar spider body size reaches up to 3/8 of an inch, not including their legs. Where most spider species have eight eyes that circle the sides of their head, the cellar spider eyes are clustered more in the front of their head. Their legs have three joints and look very long and thin. Where the cellar spider might seem big due to their long legs, they are actually very small with tiny hairs that can’t be seen with the naked eye but which cover their body. The body of the cellar spider is almost cylindrical in both males and females; however pregnant females will have more of a spherical shape.

Where Do Cellar Spiders Live

The cellar spider likes to live in low lighted areas and typically up high. They build their webs where they wait for prey upside down underneath their webs. The webs of the cellar spider will look messy with no distinct pattern or design to them. Cellar spiders will mostly be found in attic spaces or garages however it is not uncommon to find them inside homes in the corners of the ceiling or walls.

Cellar Spider Rumor: They Have Highly Venomous Bites

There are a few misconceptions about the cellar spider. One being that they are one of the most poisonous species of spiders. This is actually just a rumor. There is no toxicology suggesting that the cellar spider’s venom is even that poisonous and if it is, it is really low compared to other spiders. Then there are the rumors that even if they were venomous their bite won’t penetrate human skin. This too has been debunked. The cellar spider can bite through human skin. It’s just that most people don’t even realize they were even bitten.

Spider Extermination

The two main methods of controlling spiders are to first prevent their intrusion. Make sure window screens are in good condition and that they are in the proper place and alignment to prevent pests from getting in. Next will be to make sure your doors are sealed with weather stripping that seals out the smallest of pests. The other method is to spray pesticide quarterly to kill any unwanted insect, arachnids and other pests that may find their way inside your home or building. Dave’s Pest Control can provide services to residential and commercial buildings to help prevent pests from invading. If you are being overrun by pests, contact Dave’s Pest Control today.