If you are working in a health care facility or running and managing it, you know that the top priority is for the safety of the staff as well as the patients that are there. There are obviously many ways to keep everyone safe but you need to be sure that pest control is on the list. There are lots of reasons that pests will invade and infest a health care facility so you need to know all about them so you can try and prevent them as much as possible.

How Pests Get In

Pests Hitch Rides with Patients:
One of the main ways that pests get into any place is hitching a ride with a host. This often times is on a person or their belongings when they are entering a facility for a short stay or for some treatment. This can lead to lots of pests getting loose inside the facility since patients come and go so often.

Food Preparation & Consumption Attracts Pests:
If you are in a home you can keep the food and crumbs to a single room but in a health care facility the food is prepared in one area then delivered to each room where the patient then eats. That means that crumbs are abundant and all over the place which is a huge draw for pests!

Pests Enter with Deliveries:
People coming and going of any sort are a problem when you are trying to keep pests out. This means all those food, supplies and medication deliveries that are coming each day can be contributing to the amount of pests. They naturally live outdoors but are going to come in if they can. The temperature and the food is too enticing to stay out.

Common Pests Found in Hospitals & Health Care Facilities

Bed Bugs:
There are many pests found in a health care facility but bed bugs are at the top of the list. They are found so often due to the amount of traffic that is coming in and out. The problem is that you are putting the rest of the facility at risk when this occurs so you need to have it treated professionally as soon as possible. They are a hard pest to treat and a need specialized treatments to get rid of them.

The reason that ants are so prevalent in health care facilities is the fact that there is so much food to find. The staff is bringing in their lunch, the patients are having food prepared and served to them in their room and visitors are bringing treats in. All this food ends up leaving a delicious meal for a colony of ants and many times they come in for that exact reason. They are also so small that it is quiet easy for them to gain access.

Flies are not usually a problem all year round but they are a problem during the warmer months. They swarm around garbage cans and when a door opens for a delivery for example, flies are ready to fly right in. They are a real nuisance and need to be taken care of before they get out of hand.

Commercial Pest Control

You really don’t want to have pests around your facility since they can contaminate the food and health care supplies. The other issue is that you can lose patients who are not willing to return if they are not happy with the facility. Call Dave’s Pest Control for all your pest control needs.