The change of weather is upon us and that means that the cold will start to drive people and pests indoors. There is a misconception that during the cold months of winter pests die or hibernate. They assume due to these reasons that pest control services are not necessary. Setting your pest control services on hold in the winter can really set you back in the spring … and it can leave winter pests to run free. There are several kinds of pests that you need to be cautious of in the winter since not all will die or hibernate. Rodents, spiders, cockroaches and termites will remain active in the cold months and that means that pest control is very necessary. These pests are known to infest and reproduce quite fast and an infestation is much harder to deal with than prevention.

You Need to Continue Your Pest Control Services this Winter

Not All Pests Die Or Hibernate in the Winter: One of the biggest myths out there is that in the winter all the pests will die off or hibernate. That is just not true. There are several pests such as rodents that can thrive in the winter simply by finding a warmer place to live. That means a tiny gap in your home is an open entry point for a family of rodents to come on in. Another pest that can survive the cold of the winter are spiders. They have several characteristics that allow them to survive the cold without living indoors. They are cold blooded which means they are okay living in the cold and they have an antifreeze protein that stops their blood from freezing. These are a just a couple of pests that are around in the winter time and can be found in homes through the entire year. There are many more that can be living in the walls and on your property this winter.
Pests Are Already Inside Your House: There are some pests that won’t survive in the winter cold but if they are not in the cold they should be fine. That means that a pest that normally would die in the cold can survive as long as they are in your well heated home. The amount of food that many pests need can easily be found in homes from the trash to crumbs on the kitchen counters to the structure itself. If there are pests in your home such as termites living in the walls and you stop pest control services, they can easily get worse. You never want to leave a pest to continue to live in your home while you ignore your pest services. Termites are a very destructive pest and needs to be treated by a pest control company that specializes in termite inspection and treatment.

Year Round Pest Protection Plan

If you want to keep your home treated for winter pests be sure to continue your pest control services throughout the entire year. This includes pest control in the winter months as well. Contact Dave’s Pest Control to schedule pest services today!