During winter many pesky critters hibernate or at least tone down their activities. Fewer pests are observed in the winter. Some bugs die, but leave their young to hatch or morph into adults to begin their depredations in the summer and spring. But some pests move into the house with you. Your home provides a cozy, warm place for all insects and arachnids to conduct their forays to find shelter, food and water. The home provides nesting areas, and with pets and children affording a bounty of food stuffs.

Do Termites & Ants Go Dormant in Your House During Winter?

Termites are active little buggers. Subtle, hidden and needless to say industrious as they gnaw their way through your structure. Termites work around the clock, every day of the year. Most never even know they’re there. Ants can live and stay active. Like those who flee winter to the sunny south, many bugs will head for your home assaulting the structure without conscience.

Rodents & Wildlife in Winter

What about more anatomically advanced creatures? Those with hair like opossums, squirrels and other furry critters also seek out warmth, food and water to weather the winter. These mammals cause damage, but they are a health risk as well. Excrement and urine build up and create disease vectors. When dry they aggravate allergies too. But it gets even worse. These wildlife are nature’s rapid transit systems by transporting blood sucking fleas, mites and ticks into your home. Many of these insects constitute a significant disease threat or vector. Rodents are prolific reproducers and are destructive chewers. They also spread bacterial disease by means of their waste products as well as destroy and contaminate our food stuffs.

How to Pests Get in Our Homes?

Pests get in our homes a myriad of ways. They sneak in through cracks and crevices as well as stroll in through open doors and windows. As we prepare ourselves for winter we break out our stored weather gear, jackets and coats, perhaps even bedding. This may spread silverfish, roaches and moths that have nested in our stored winter clothing. Many bugs are carried into our homes in packaging. Home delivered goods and bulk food packaging provide ideal transportation for insects and other wiggly, multi-legged creatures.

Year-Round Pest Protection

Though winter is a down time for most insects and pests, those that are active can be a real nuisance. Not only do they invade our domiciles but they attack our gardens in spring, after weathering the winter indoors. Our homes provide a breeding and preparation environment for the spring assault. That’s why Dave’s Pest Control is vigilant year round. We make sure we are thorough in our inspections, not only treating the premises but checking for potential problems as well. Tell of any animal or insect spotting you may have had, if see one there are many others. Remember most garages are low human traffic areas providing near perfect nesting areas for many invaders. Garages can also offer a springboard for movement into the house. Winter isn’t the benign insect activity period most of us have come to believe in. If in doubt call the experts at Dave’s Pest control serving Worcester County, Massachusetts. We think green and employ the latest technology to protect your and your home.