If you’re concerned about pests in your home or business, you are not alone. In the US, there are more than 18,000 pest management companies waiting to help you. Whether you hire one or prefer to DIY (do it yourself), your first step should be to get information.

The Internet offers boundless, sometimes questionable, information on pests and control. If you take the DIY route, do your research via web sites by university extension services, and state departments of public health or agriculture. Their specialists can help you identify your pest and suggest control methods.

Before treating a pest infestation, identify the pest involved, and inspect to determine the nature and extent of the problem. This information is necessary to determine the best methods to use to control the pest. Without knowledge of a pest’s identity, characteristics and level of activity, you’ll be applying control measures blindly instead of finding the right one for the job.

In order to treat your infestation effectively, you must correctly diagnose the problem, and determine the extent of the damage. In pest control industry this process is called Integrated Pest Management (IPM). Using IPM, we first identify the pest and gather information about the infestation. Then we choose the best method(s) of control for the situation, after considering the safety, effectiveness, environmental effects and cost of each method.

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