Did you know . . .

  • Male earwigs find mates using their sense of smell.  Once coupled with a female, the male uses their long cerci, which look like pincers, on their backsides to attach himself to her. Undisturbed, the earwigs can stay in this mating position for hours.
  • Brazilians believe that cricket songs are signs of impending rains, while some Asian countries believe crickets bring good luck and are kept as house pets in cages.
  • Ladybugs can become vicious if food is scarce resorting to cannibalism. If stronger, a hungry ladybug may turn on weaker (soft-bodied) members of its species.  Newly emerged adults or recently molted larvae are most at risk.
  • Millipedes may have been the first animals to breathe air and make the move from water to land. In fact a fossil of a millipede found in Scotland dates back 428 million years!