In this final installment on carpenter ants, I am going to address how to prevent carpenter ants in your home or place of business.

Carpenter ants can be destructive, and the damage they cause can be expensive to repair. The best way to treat this pest is to prevent them before they ever find a way into your home.

There are, fortunately, many things you can do to prevent carpenter ants. Carpenter ants need a constant water source to survive, so eliminating moisture or standing water on your property can help to deter them. Consider using a dehumidifier in crawl spaces, basements and attics that are prone to dampness.

You  may also want to trim tree branches and shrubs away from their home, as these often provide access inside for ants and other pests. In addition, fill any gaps or cracks on the outside of the home with silicone caulk.

Keep firewood and other wood building materials stored at least 20 feet from your home, and at least five inches off of the ground.

Most importantly, keep a close eye on your property for signs of carpenter ants. Inspect wood on your home for the appearance of small openings or sawdust. And if you suspect you have a carpenter ant infestation, give me a call right away. The sooner carpenter ants are treated, the less serious the damage is likely to be.

If you’re concerned that you have carpenter ants in your home or place of business, give Dave a call at 1-800-400-6009.