Insects have been known to be quite detrimental to commercial establishments as well as residential homes. Insects can potentially transmit disease and viruses, deliver venomous poisons, induce allergies, contaminate food and surfaces with bacteria and germs, and can inflict destruction upon structures. Being that insects can be a horrendous burden, most people call professional exterminators first and ask questions later. But on the other side of the spectrum, some insects are rather beneficial, for example, bees are responsible for pollinating plants and producing honey. All insects carry with them pros and cons; it’s usually the cons and their creepy appearance that lands them on the “unwelcome list”.

Dave’s Pest Control would like to look on the flip side of ants, not necessarily their beneficial gain, but perhaps the impressive attributes they possess.

1. Ants have been a fascinating study among humans. Paralleled with humans in a division of labor, communication between each individual and the ability to solve complex problems, ants are truly amazing insects.
2. Ants are social critters that range in colony sizes. Some groups may be relatively small, living in tiny natural cavities with just a few dozen members. Other ant colonies are highly populated, with millions of members that are exceptionally organized, stretching over large territories.
3. Pheromone secretion is a common communication network that alerts ants of dangers or food sources.
4. Ants are headed by one or more queens; their number one purpose is lay eggs to ensure the colonies survival. Females that do not reproduce are typically the worker ants; their duties primarily consist of foraging for food, care for the queen’s offspring, constructing the nests and offering protection to the community among other duties. Males only have one function, and that is to mate with the queen, after which, they die shortly after.
5. There are over 20,000 known ant species, and only approximately 12,500 have been classified.
6. Ants have the ability to lift 50 times their body weight in their jaws.
7. Ants consume a variety of food, plant materials, sweet nectar, human leftovers, and proteins found in carcasses. Army ants will even prey upon small reptiles, mammals and birds.
8. Ants have been around since the dawn of the dinosaurs. Being highly adaptive, ants have traveled the globe. Antarctica and Arctic are void of ants.
9. Ants have the ability to band together to become a super-organism; they can fit together in cooperation within the group to accomplish amazing feats. They are able to communicate with each other as one seamless brain structure to select a location for a hive for example. Where one ant could make a mistake, as a whole they are able to select and agree upon ideal locations.
10. Some species of ants are known to enforce slave labor. Collecting other ants from different colonies, or different ant species, they usually highjack eggs or larvae and enforce hard labor on them when they come of age, some are even sacrificed as a food source.

Ants are truly an interesting study, their habits are intriguing and their capabilities are likened unto super hero attributes. But like most pests, you don’t want ants in your home or place of business. No matter the pest infesting your residence, whether they be ants, rodents, arachnids or other pests; Dave’s Pest Control professionals have been trained to methodically eradicate them. Call us today!