Cockroaches have been on our planet for 49 million years and they are still a thriving species that can be found all over the world. They can adapt to any living environment and are known as one of the most difficult pests to manage and keep out of our homes and commercial buildings. Cockroaches carry a wide range of diseases and pathogens that not only make them a destructive pest but a hazardous one as well. One of the most common species of cockroaches found in Massachusetts homes is the American Cockroach. Dave’s Pest Control will share some identifying traits and behaviors of the American cockroach and what you can do to control them.

American Cockroach Facts: Appearance, Reproduction, and Diet

The American cockroach can grow up to 1 1/2 – 2 inches in length. They have long coppery colored wings with a reddish brown body and yellowish striped band on their head. Like other insects, the American cockroach has six legs and a pair of long antennae. An American cockroach develops very quickly, taking only 5 1/2 months to go from egg to adult. At this point, a female American cockroach will lay a capsule shaped egg case that can hold up to 16 eggs at a time. The female typically will lay the egg cases in humid warm places. The American cockroach can adapt to life both outdoors as well as indoors. They will feed on decaying leaves, fungi and algae. Indoors they will feed on pet food as well as discarded food or food that has been left out. They also require water so wherever a water source is, such as broken or leaky plumbing, you will also often find American cockroaches.

American Cockroach Infestation Signs

American cockroaches can fly once they reach full maturity. They can and will also fly through open doors or windows, especially at night, where the light will draw them inside. They also make their way into homes and other buildings through some passageways and cracks. The major sign of the American cockroach is, of course, seeing them. They are easily found in bathrooms and kitchen. The next sign is their droppings that look like pepper flakes spread around cabinets and such. You may even notice their egg cases or even a nasty musty odor in your home or even in just one room in the home.

How to Get Rid of American Cockroaches in Houses & Apartments

When it comes to controlling a pest as successful as the American cockroach, you must be ready to undergo the steps necessary. When putting together a cockroach management program consider these five steps.
Exclusion – This means to prevent cockroaches from entering inside your home or building by sealing those small cracks which they can squeeze through.
Landscaping – Maintain a clean landscape free of clutter or debris as well as maintaining outdoor plumbing. American cockroaches live and hide under leaves and yard debris piles that provide a sanctuary to breed and thrive. Once there, it’s a matter of time before they will be at your door step.
Baits – There are several types of baits that will lure and kill cockroaches. Dave’s Pest Control can place these baits where cockroach activity seems to be the greatest.
Growth Regulators – There are some products of pest control that slow down the growth process of cockroaches. This helps reduce the speed of cockroach population giving a better chance to control cockroaches.
Insecticides – Your final step in management is hiring a pest control company to regularly spray insecticides around your home and business which kills those cockroaches that come in contact with it.

Cockroach Extermination

Dave’s Pest Control knows it can become a battle to control cockroaches of any species. You will want to do all you can do to reduce the chances of a major cockroach population from occurring. We can help you with your battle. If you’re having a cockroach or any kind of pest problem, contact Dave’s Pest Control today.