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Wildlife can pose a health hazard by spreading diseases and contaminating food in addition to potentially causing property damage. Dave’s Pest Control provides exceptional nuisance wildlife removal services for our friends and neighbors in Massachusetts, Northern Rhode Island, and Northern Connecticut. In addition to effective rodent control services, our wildlife associates have years of experience humanely removing bats, raccoons, and squirrels. When you are in need of expert wildlife removal services, you can count on Dave’s Pest Control to provide you with the best experts in the field. If you are looking for effective and affordable wildlife removal and pest control, look no further than Dave’s Pest Control to get the job done right.

Wildlife Removal Services in Massachusetts, Northern Rhode Island, and Northern Connecticut

Wildlife animals are beautiful and relaxing to watch but can become pests when they enter your yard and cause problems or worse yet your home. When it comes to wildlife control, Dave’s Pest Control has the safest and most effective solutions for your home or business. Raccoons, possums, skunks, squirrels, etc. are all looking for a nice dry, warm location to bed down. They bring with them ticks, fleas, mites, etc. Below are some of the most common wildlife control and removal problems.

Squirrels: When we are in the thick of winter, and temperatures are frigid squirrels seek a warmer, safer place to settle in. Unfortunately, this warmer safer place may be your home. Squirrels can wreak havoc if they find a way into your attic. Dave’s Pest Control is here to talk about tips to help you keep squirrels out of your attic this winter.

Bats: Bats are mammals that have forelimbs that form webbed wings. This makes them the only mammals naturally capable of true and sustained flight. Bats are natural reservoirs or vectors for a large number of zoonotic pathogens including rabies, severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), Henipavirus (ie. Nipah virus and Hendra virus) and possibly ebola virus. The knowledgeable pest control technicians at Dave’s Pest Control are the experts when it comes to the prevention and removal of bats in residential homes and business.

Raccoons: When it comes to raccoons there are adorable videos on the internet that show them walking on their hind legs and playing with cats and other animals. The biggest issue is that from afar they may seem adorable but they are a wild animal. They have become more and more accustomed to people and coming around in search of food.

Skunks: These are well known and not for their adorableness but for their foul stench. They will spray an attacker when they feel threatened. The problem is this odor is not pleasant at all and can remain for several hours. It can be even worse when a person is sprayed.

Opossum: An opossum also called a possum, is a critter that people find in their homes attic, crawl space and in their general living area. They are a critter that give many people a fright. They make a lot of noise while they are crawling and scratching around.

If you are dealing with nuisance wildlife, call Dave’s Pest Control today to start the removal process.

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