Beware of Termite Swarming this Spring Season

Spring is a busy time for all types of insects that can invade your home. One of the most destructive insects that can do major damage to your home is the termite. Termite swarming season is in its prime and your home is at risk of being invaded by these destructive and relentless insects. When termites swarm they have wings and are only in the air for a short time until they hook up with a mate, then their wings fall off and they try to land as close as they can to a structure that will provide them with enough materials to eat and grow their nest. Termite season does not have a set beginning and end, as termites are active all year long. The season when termites are most visible through swarms, discarded wings and droppings is from March to November.

Termite Mud Tubes are a Sure Sign of Termites

After termites have swarmed and landed near your home, they will immediately begin building and constructing mud tubes and tunnels to gain access into your home. Mud tunnels are very visible to the human eye and can be destroyed easily by simply kicking through them, but if you do not properly treat your home for termites, they will just begin to build the mud tunnels over and over again until they have successfully gained access into your home. Often, after termites are disturbed, they move onto more hidden areas of your home to continue their rampage undetected. Once termites are inside of your home, they will begin eating through wood, drywall and other materials that make up the structural integrity of your home.

Hollowed Out Wood is a Sign of Termites in your House

One of the most common signs of termites being in or around your home is hollowed out wood. Termites will hollow out tree trunks, garden boxes and other wooden structures on your property. The worst place to find hollowed out wood is within the walls of your home. Termites eat wood from the inside out, and if you discover that termites are inside of your home then you should immediately contact Dave’s Pest Control to come out and perform a termite pest inspection. Through a termite pest inspection, Dave’s Pest Control can pinpoint the exact location of the termites in your home and any areas that they have damaged. If you are planning to put your home on the market, a termite inspection will greatly assist you in preparing properly to sell your home. Do not fall victim to termites and be one of the many homeowners across the country that end up spending thousands of dollars to repair their home.