Spring is the most perfect time of year to shed those layers of clothing you’ve been putting on for the last few months and start to enjoy the sunshine and warmer temperatures. Massachusetts offers so many opportunities to take in the spring season and enjoy time spent with family and friends. Spring often ushers in the chance to host and to attend a bunch of backyard barbecues, baseball games and other activities that involve spending time outdoors. While warmer temperatures are inviting to us, they also invite some unwanted guests that are not welcome. Massachusetts is home to the tick, which is a tiny insect that can lodge itself into your skin and begin engorging itself on your blood.

Lyme Disease

Ticks are responsible for not only carrying, but also spreading dangerous diseases to humans. The most infamous disease that ticks are responsible for spreading to humans is Lyme Disease. In the 1970s there was a breakout in Lyme, Connecticut which is why the disease is called Lyme disease. Lyme disease is an inflammatory disease that can start out looking similar to flu, including symptoms of fever, rash, headache and chills. The more serious effects of Lyme disease include arthritis, neurological disorders and cardiac disorders. These are all results of the bacteria that are transmitted by ticks.

Different Types of Tick Borne Diseases: Babesiosis & Anaplasmosis

Lyme disease is not the only illness carried by ticks in Massachusetts. There are two other tick borne diseases causing a great deal of concern among medical professionals. These two tick borne diseases are Babesiosis and Anaplasmosis. Babesiosis is actually considered a form of malaria; its parasites invade your blood cells which will result in fever, chills, anemia and other symptoms. Massachusetts ticks seem to carry these two diseases more than ticks in other areas. This has been a main concern in recent months, as ticks have been found to carry more than one pathogen. Ticks that are carrying Lyme disease have a 15% chance of also carrying either Babesiosis or Anaplasmosis as well.

One of the most important steps you can take to avoid the illnesses that ticks carry is to perform a tick check at the end of the day. This is most important if you have been outdoors, camping, hiking or enjoying a picnic. Ticks have the ability to latch onto clothing and other items easily in order to get onto your body. When performing a tick check make sure you check under armpits, behind knees and on the head throughout your hair. These are all areas that ticks seem to be more attracted to. If you have a tick problem near your home, contact Dave’s Pest Control today.