Warm weather is most enjoyable and provides the perfect environment for outdoor family fun. Swimming, picnics and other recreational activities are fun ways to take advantage of warmer temperatures and spending time together. Unfortunately, warm weather also creates the perfect environment for harmful insects to thrive and multiply. Ticks and deer flies are two insects that are at their peak of activity during the summer season. Going outside to enjoy the warm weather can be benched by the thought of getting a tick stuck into your skin or getting eaten alive by a swarm of deer flies.

Lyme Disease & Tick Removal

Ticks are vectors of a number of diseases that affect both animals and humans. Most notably, ticks are known for transmitting Lyme disease. Ticks are normally found in heavily wooded areas and have the ability to latch on to an innocent passer-by enjoying an afternoon hike or a weekend of camping with the family. Ticks latch onto a host and dig down into the skin, sucking blood from the host until the tick is fully engorged. A tick must be latched onto a host for at least thirty six to forty eight hours before transmitting Lyme disease. Checking for ticks is important if you have been in a heavily wooded area. Check all areas of your body and remove any ticks. It is important to remove the entire tick. Sometimes a tick head will get torn off during the removal but it is important to note that a ticks head can still infect the host if left inside.

Deer Flies Bites & Repellent

Deer flies are recognizable from their colored eyes and dark bands across their wings. A male deer fly does not bite, but collects pollen. A female deer fly will make a cross shaped incision with its knife like mandibles and begin sucking up its victims blood. The bite of a female deer fly can be extremely painful, and some who are bitten experience an allergic reaction that brings even more discomfort. Deer flies are usually found in damp and humid environments. Deer flies lay black eggs onto leaves and the larva is usually at waters end. Being aware of your environment will help in avoiding a deer fly bite.

Professional Tick & Deer Fly Control

If you are experiencing a tick or deer fly problem near your home or on your property, it is time to contact a professional. Deer Fly and Tick control require the skill and experience of a professional pest control technicians. Dave’s Pest Control is skilled and experienced in dealing with deer flies and ticks. Our technicians use only the latest and most proven methods to eliminate the presence of annoying pests from your home and property.