If you’re thinking about hiring a pest management professional (PMP) there are a few things you should know. I’ll be detailing some of the questions and concerns in upcoming blogs.

One important item is to ask the PMP to outline their plan for dealing with your pest problem. Have the PMP describe why and where the pesticide applications will take place. Ask what products will be used for each application. If you do not understand the information they are presenting, ask them to further explain the procedure.

You may want to review the labels of pesticides and discuss techniques the applicator intends to use. Ask if lower-risk pesticide alternatives are available. Note special safety concerns in the contract, such as family members with allergies and health problems, infants, the elderly, pregnant women, and pets. The choice of pesticides and/or other methods must reflect these concerns.

Also, inquire about special instructions you should follow to reduce your exposure to the pesticides that will be applied.

  • Should you be out of the house, building, or office during and after the application?
  • For how long?
  • What about drying time or ventilation?
  • What should you expect after the application?
  • Will there be any odors or visible residues?

Always ensure that the service representative and the PMP holds a commercial pesticide applicator’s license. Although the applicator of pesticides is required to hold a license, it is wise to have someone trained and certified to make the appropriate recommendations for pesticide use.

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