There is one pest that seems to cause quite a bit of damage and devastation to homeowners every single year. Termites are a pest that chew through wood and digest it all day and night. That means that the wood that is holding the frame and structure of your home up is being compromised. That can be a real danger to the people that live inside. A termite is a pest that invades homes and tends to stay hidden in the walls to work and perpetrate their destruction. That means their presence is hard to detect so it is always best to hire a professional that has experience in inspecting and treating this type of pest infestation.

Interesting Facts About Termites

Termites Are Good For Decomposition: You might be thinking that is a weird thing to say. A termite is of course known for their decomposition work when chewing through the beams of your home but how can that be a good thing? When it comes to your home it is terrible! When it comes to the forest and the health of the soil it is great. Termites will eat and decompose the old dead and dying trees that need to be chewed up and returned to the soil. That is what is great about termites in the wild; they are a huge benefit to our forest and ecosystem.

Termites Eat Other Termites Frass or Droppings: They don’t do this because they think it is better than the wood that is available to them but because they need it. Termites have a belly full of microorganisms that help them to digest the food that they eat on a regular basis. The microorganisms are not something that is in their belly when they are born so they need to get it somewhere. That is the reason behind eating each other’s frass. The termite droppings are full of the organisms that are needed. After termites molt, they need to get more which is when they eat the other termites feces.

Termites Are Great Dads: When you look at some pests such as spiders and bees you won’t see a father hanging around taking care of the young. They tend to mate and either die soon or leave. When termites mate not only does the king of the colony stay around but he continues to fertilize the eggs from the queen when they are necessary. He will also predigest food for the young and help to feed them leaving some time for the queen to do what she has to do.

Termites Are Organized: When you think about many pests, neat and organized are not words that come to mind. But termites are not a pest that stays messy or lives with filth. They are very meticulous and work with each other to clean themselves. They need to ensure that bacteria is kept under control so their colonies can be healthy.

Spring Termite Infestation Control

The spring season is when winged, reproductive termites called swarmers or alates leave their nests to start new colonies. Don’t let your home be the site of their new nest! Dave’s Pest Control offers expert pest control services that include thorough termite inspections and effective treatments. Contact us to schedule your next appointment today!