Starlings were introduced intentionally in New York over a hundred years ago. Since then, they have spread in population and area. These birds may produce two clutches of offspring per year, each with four to seven offspring.get-rid-of-starlings

Starlings can be found in nearly every setting from agriculture to metropolitan areas. They have a tendency to travel in flocks and will commonly be found grazing in short grass. Common in residential settings, the starlings will occupy trees or will be found perching on gutters, which may be clogged and filled with water. These clogged gutters provide a much needed water source for the starlings.

To prevent or get rid of starlings, all openings greater than one inch should be sealed to prevent nesting. Trimming trees, which are known to be popular resting spots for starlings, can be pruned to reduce the attractiveness. For additional starling management, eliminate horizontal surfaces by adding obstructions such as professionally installed wire repellents. Keep all animal food and trash covered and inaccessible to birds. Keep gutters clean to prevent water pooling. Sound and other frightening devices may be effective in dispersing starlings before they establish territory. Our trained exterminators have trucks servicing the community for pest control in Ludlow MA all the way to Leominster MA. So feel free to give us a call if your are struggling with a Starling problem.