Sturbridge Massachusetts is home to a variety of spider species that enter into homes and disrupt the everyday comforts of living. Spiders possess the ability to frighten homeowners more than most other insects due to their frightful appearance and the speed at which they are able to crawl up a wall, across a floor or onto your ceiling. Even though the majority of spiders have the appearance of a formidable threat, most spider species are actually harmless when it comes to poisonous bites. There are however a few spiders that homeowners should be aware of as they have the ability to inflict a poisonous bite.

Southern Black Widow Spider Bites

Two juvenile female Southern Black Widows (Latrodectus mactans).

Two juvenile female Southern Black Widows (Latrodectus mactans).

The Southern Black Widow is a common spider species found in Worcester Massachusetts and is a poisonous spider. It is easily identified by the red hour glass shape that can be found on the spider’s abdomen. Southern black widow spiders hide during the day; usually in areas that are undisturbed by humans. Bites often occur when someone reaches into a dark area, like a garage shelf, storage boxes or somewhere that is not typically frequented. A Southern black widow spider will bite when it feels disturbed or threatened.

Long Legged Sac Spider Infestations

Another common spider species that can be found living in homes of Massachusetts citizens is the Long Legged Sac Spider. The legs of this spider are much longer than that of a typical spider, especially in the male species. These spiders tend to be all one color, usually yellow, pale green or tan. This spider also appears to have black “toes” at the end of each long leg as well. The long legged sac spider does not spin a web to catch its prey, but does all of its hunting on foot. It does however spin itself a sleeping bag during the day time when resting.

Grass Spiders in House

Massachusetts is also home to the Grass Spider. The grass spider typically lives on or near the ground among grasses and other foliage. The grass spider can also be found living in corners of buildings, homes or other man-made structures. This spider is most active during the summer and spring months of the year and this is also their busiest time when it comes to breeding. Male grass spiders can be found lingering on baseboards inside of a home, on walls and ceilings. If you suspect you have spiders crawling around your home or officecontact Dave’s Pest Control today.