There is one pest that causes the most amount of property damage each year! That is a termite! The termite is a pest that not only will get in your home but will eat away at the wood that makes up the majority of the internal structure of your home. If the wood is damaged enough it can become structurally unsound and dangerous. There are some ways you can tell that termites are in your home and some ways to treat the infestation before it gets too far and there is extensive damage.

What Does a Termite Look Like?: The most common type of termite is a subterranean termite and they are very small. The body is about the size of a pen top. A lot of termites resemble an ant due to their size and shape. They are often thought to be a flying ant but they are their own species all together. They usually are seen swarming in the spring and all the way into the early summer. They fly in a swarm and will look for a spot to land and start to eat.

How Do Termites Cause Damage?: Termites are a pest that work from sun up to sun down and do not take a break .They eat and work continually and that is one reason they cause so much damage. Once they get in the walls where there is exposed wood they start eating. A termite does not tunnel and spit out the wood they actually eat it and ingest it. With all these tunnels chewed through the wood the framing becomes unsteady and potentially a hazard.

How Can You Tell You Have Termites: If you see a swarm of termites flying around your home or property it is always a great idea to have a termite inspection done to make sure that they did not stop at your house to start to nest and eat. Another sign is if you start to see their shed wings on the floor near an entry point. They will shed as they start to grow so that they can accommodate their new size. You may also notice tiny holes in the exposed wood and mud tunnels coming up from the foundation. These are all signs that termites are infesting your home.

What Should You Do If You Suspect Termites: If you have seen signs that you might have a termite infestation you want to contact a pest control company that offers professional inspections right away. The longer you wait to hire a professional the more damage is being done to your home. This is the only sure fire way to find out the extent of a termite infestation and have it treated.

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