Warmer weather is an open invitation for more outdoor activities like hiking, camping and enjoying the park with your family. Spring is a great time of year to get outside and let the sun shine on your face. Not only is this warmer weather an open invitation to you, but it also acts as an invitation to some pretty annoying insects that call Worcester County their home as well. Fire ants, wasps and scorpions all thrive in warmer temperatures. Spring is an awakening for these insects, when they begin to reproduce and seek for shelter that sometimes includes your home. Dave’s Pest Control is your number one choice for expertise pest service and will keep these insects away from your home.

Beware of Red Fire Ants

One of the fastest moving insects in Worcester County is the red fire ant. Fire ants are dangerous due to many different factors; they move quickly, they travel in very large numbers and their bite and subsequent sting is known to be one of the most painful around. While a fire ant mound is recognizable when it is a mound of dirt or sand, some fire ant nests can be difficult to spot. Fire ants have built nests in grass and other areas that you may not be aware of. If you or a loved one happens to be standing on or near a fire ant nest, chances are their legs will be covered in fire ants in only seconds. Dave’s Pest Control is skilled and experienced when it comes to removing fire ants.

What to do with swarming wasps around your house

A single buzz of a bumble bee may be a welcoming sound and a happy reminder that spring is on its way. However, this buzz can turn to a nuisance when it is not an innocent bumble bee at all, but rather a swarm of angry and aggressive wasps heading your way. Wasps are larger than the typical bumble bee and tend to be much more temperamental as well. Many wasps will build their nests under house eaves, underneath decking or on a nearby tree. If you have a wasps nest near or on your home, contact Dave’s Pest Control immediately to have wasps and wasp nests safely removed.

Warm weather welcomes scorpions

Scorpions are one of the most intimidating looking insects around. With their size ranging from small to seemingly monster size and their tail with its stinger seeming to hang in the air, ready to attack at any moment; it is no wonder that the majority of people have a phobia of scorpions. Warm weather allows scorpions to thrive and reproduce much easier. Scorpions can often be found lingering in dark corners, inside of shoes or even folded clothing. Many scorpion stings have occurred when someone is putting their shoes on or slipping on a pair of slacks. Contact Dave’s Pest Control today to make sure that scorpions do not make your home their next shelter.

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