Massachusetts is home to a wide variety of wildlife. Some of these rodents keep to themselves while others take a step of bravery towards civilization and even become guests in your home without you having any idea that a rodent infestation may be forming in your basement, attic or even within the walls of your home. Rodents are no fun to deal with and in most situations are extremely difficult to remove on your own. The assistance of a pest control technician is usually used to remove these rodents from your home. While most rodents are pretty resilient, there are steps you can take to prevent these Massachusetts rodents from entering into your home.

House Mouse Facts & Information

House_mouse wikiOne of the most common rodents in Massachusetts, and the rest of the county as well, is the house mouse. Mice are the most common rodent that humans will come into contact with. Mice are small, quick and smart. They will search for the smallest crack or crevice to squeeze through in order to gain access into your home. Mice have the ability to fit through a hole that is as small as the circumference of a dime! If you think your home is perfectly sealed off, you may want to take a closer look, because the smallest hole is an open invitation to mice to walk right into your home.

Mice Damage to Homes

house mouse on food wikiMice can do a great deal of damage once they have gained access into your home. Not only will mice leave feces behind that contain harmful bacterium, but they have the ability to chew through electrical wiring; which can lead to situations as dangerous as a house fire. Mice also have to ability to reproduce quite rapidly. In a single year a female will have five to ten litters of six or more mice each. These mice are born 19 to 21 days after mating and they are mature in ten weeks. You can see that an infestation can occur very quickly due to the quick maturity of the mouse life cycle.

Brown AKA Norway Rat Facts

norway ratThe next most common rodent throughout Massachusetts is the Norway rat. The Norway rat is one of the most destructive rodents in our country and can grow extremely large in size. They have been found crawling at around 18 inches long and weighing in at over a pound. The Norway rat will eat and contaminate human food, damage buildings and gnaw through just about anything. The Norway rat is also responsible for spreading diseases to humans and their pets as well. While responsible home owners are careful about sealing up their garbage tight and making their home is free of any holes or cracks that these rodents may crawl through, there are still instances that these rodents prevail and home owners require the assistance of a pest control professional to remove these disgusting rodents. If you suspect that there are mice or Norway rats in or around your home, contact Dave’s Pest Control today. Our technicians are skilled and experienced at removing these destructive rodents from your home for good.