Insects and rodents can have an adverse and serious effect on our health.

QU: What’s the connection between pests and asthma in children? Could you explain it?
Cockroaches and rodents contain allergens that aggravate existing asthma in children.

QU: How does pest control (commonly called exterminating) help alleviate asthma?
Proper pest control will help prevent or remove pests that can trigger asthma. A pest management professional, often referred to as an exterminator) can inspect the home for these pests, treat to get rid of them and provide homeowners tips to prevent reinfestation.

QU: What are cockroach/mouse allergens? What is it in these pests that causes the problem?Allergens include pest “frass,” or carcasses, feces and other debris.

QU: What happens after you control the pests? If the frass is left behind, won’t it pose a health risk also?
The residual frass is still an allergen, even after the pests are removed. A pest control professional can remove the frass as well.