Last round! How have you been doing? Test your Pest Threat knowledge! (Answers below)

QU. #1: Which disease creates a bull’s eye around the original bite?

QU. #2: Do pests have to bite, sting, or crawl on people to make them sick?

QU. #3: What pest has killed more people than all world wars combined?

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ANSWER question #1: Ticks spread Lyme Disease and often the first sign is a bull’s eye rash around the bite. Other clues include fever, chills, headache and extreme tiredness.

ANSWER question #2: No, surprisingly enough, you can get a pest-related sickness without ever coming into direct contact with a pest! Cockroach allergens, which consist of droppings, shed skins and secretions, have been shown to trigger asthma attacks in children.

ANSWER question #3: Fleas were responsible for spreading the “Black Death” in the 14th century. This dangerous disease killed one-quarter of Europe’s population. Although, fleas shouldn’t take all the blame -— they caught it from rats!