Jim Fredericks, a staff entomologist at Pest World National Pest Management Association always comes up with creative adventures and explorations. Here is a great educational game for your kids this summer.

An Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Scavenger Hunt for Kids is a common sense approach to pest control that starts with the removal of food, water, and shelter that pests find attractive on your property. The kids will have a great time learning about bugs and they will learn how to locate potential pest problems on your property.

The adventure can offer teachable moments about the difference between bugs and the pests they become when they enter your home and things children can do to help keep your home pest free!

Here are a few ideas of things to look for to get you started….

  • Ants
  • Ant nests
  • Crickets
  • Spiders
  • Termite mud tubes (Hope you don’t find any of those!)
  • Carpenter ant frass (Look for sawdust like wood shavings with insects parts)
  • Carpenter bee holes (Look for perfectly round ½ diameter holes in wood)
  • Wasp nests (Stay away!)
  • Cracks in foundation walls (Spider entry points!)
  • Holes in screens (Don’t invite the mosquitoes!)
  • Gaps underneath doors (If you can slide a piece of paper under the front door, a spider can crawl through!)
  • Holes larger than a dime (Just big enough to let mice inside!)
  • Leaky rain gutters (Water pooling by your home welcomes a host of pests)
  • Leaky Pipes (Cockroaches love these!)
  • Firewood piled less than 20 feet from the structure (Keep it back to keep rodents and termites at bay)
  • Outdoor trashcans with no lids (Find secure lids or else nuisance wildlife will thank you for easy access!)
  • Tree limbs overhanging the house (Branches that come close to your home offer a pest highway indoors)