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Carpenter Ants Identification and Signs

You may have never given much thought to carpenter ants until you are told you have a problem with them in your house. These destructive pests can cause major structural damage to your home or other buildings on your property. There are ways to identify carpenter ant...

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Halloween Bat Myths & Superstitions

As you walk down the Halloween aisle at the store, you will find they are filled with decorations including bats. They are a prominent figure for Halloween, and have been associated with all sorts of sorcery and magical creatures. The interesting thing is; this is a...

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Where Do Pests Spend the Winter?

Many homeowners and commercial property management teams feel safe in the winter from dreaded pests. Where many of the pest population seem to dwindle, there are still some pests that are year round, and others that are biding their time waiting to pounce on the...

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Fall Halloween Pests that Cause a Scare

With the fall season upon us you could be dealing with great weather and beautiful colors. The season is also the start to all the upcoming holidays such as Halloween. It is the kick off to the holidays and although it is a holiday to dress up and trick or treat, many...

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Signs You Have Termites

Termites can cause devastating damage to your home. They are worldwide pests and often hard to detect. This makes them a number one pest to all homeowners. Some think they are a problem during the warmth of the spring and summer months only and that they either die or...

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Interesting Facts You Never Knew About Rodents

Rodents are a big pest that come out and cause trouble most often in the fall weather. They are looking for a place to get a free meal and also a place to nest in the cooler months. The best place is usually a house where food crumbs are in abundance, water is freely...

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Preventing House Flies

The common house fly has been a plague to mankind for thousands of years. Not only do they buzz and fly around you, your food and your home, annoying you to no end; they also carry deadly pathogens. Flies have been known to transfer over 100 pathogens resulting in...

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Nuisance Wildlife Control, Removal, Exclusion & Prevention

Wildlife animals are beautiful and relaxing to watch but can become pests when they enter your yard and cause problems or worse yet your home. Wildlife control is a process of removing individual or populations of specific species of wildlife. Wildlife pests become...

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