Cockroaches can be found nearly everywhere across the globe. They have pestered mankind for what seems like eons of time. There are several species known to be skittering around North America, and three of those species are quite common in Massachusetts. They are the Oriental cockroach, German cockroach and American Cockroach. No matter their species, there is something that makes people shriek at the mere sight of them. The grotesque bodies and their appendages wiggling around, along with their quick darting movements; cockroaches are not something we want in our home or business.

Dave’s Pest Control would like to expound on the three species of cockroaches that plague the locals of Massachusetts.

How to Get Rid of Oriental Cockroaches

Oriental cockroaches are one of the larger species in our area. They generally grow to one inch in length, and they are shiny and dark brown in color. Though both males and females are equipped with wings, they are flightless insects. Because Oriental cockroaches tend to live in dark, moist places, they have been called water bugs as well. They are found outdoors, living under damp mulch or leaf piles and are also found in sewers. When they choose to slink inside, they are mostly found infesting damp basements, under sinks in bathrooms and kitchens and other moist areas found in homes or businesses.

German Cockroach Control

German cockroaches are one of the smaller species of cockroaches. They grow between half an inch and two thirds of an inch long. They are more commonly found to be tan in color but also can be brown or black. Their distinction comes from a pair of dark streaks that run parallel from their heads to the end of their wings. Like the Oriental cockroach, both male and female have wings, but do not fly. Due to many similarities, German cockroaches are often confused with Asian cockroaches, but the Asian cockroach does fly. In colder climates, like our area, German cockroaches are attracted to people for optimal living conditions. They are unable to tolerate cold temperatures and will seek refuge in homes or businesses. They are particularly drawn to restaurants, food processing facilities, lodging and hospitals.

American Cockroach Infestations

American cockroaches are the largest species found in Massachusetts. They can exceed two inches in length! They are notably a reddish-brown coloring with a yellowish mark just behind their heads. Though the adults have wings, they too cannot fly, but are notoriously known to be very fast. Despite their larger frames, they are one of the quickest moving insects and have the ability to quickly hide in tiny crevices and cracks that appear too small in comparison to their bodies. They also do not tolerate bitter cold weather and will forge their way indoors to moist areas. In warmer months they may find their ways outdoors, but are generally found in damp basements, sewers and near sinks or other damp places.

No matter the species, cockroaches can inflict those with allergies and asthmatic tendencies. They also carry disease and bacteria which can easily spread simply by walking across a countertop where food is prepared. Our professionals at Dave’s Pest Control have been expertly trained and have the skills and knowledge, along with top grade products and supplies to eradicate cockroach infestations in your home or business. Call us today to schedule your next pest control appointment.