Did you know that the ladybug was adopted as the official state bug or insect symbol of Massachusetts thanks to a campaign that began in 1974 by a second-grade class in the town of Franklin?

Ms. Pamela Johnson, teacher for a second grade class at the Kennedy School in Franklin, Massachusetts, told the class that, by law, there is a state bird – the chickadee – and state tree – the American Elm – and a state fish – the cod.

“What about a state bug?” somebody asked, “do we have one?”

“No,” said the teacher.

“I think there should be a state bug,” said one little boy.

Ms. Johnson explained to her class learned that everyone who lives in Massachusetts has the right to give legislators ideas for new laws. This right is called the right of free petition. The students and Ms. Johnson then began the process of petitioning the Commonwealth.  To read the full story, click here.