Here’s another pop quiz. Let’s see just how well you know your pests!

  1. What pest will chase people if it feels threatened?
  2. What type of pest can lay one egg every fifteen seconds for the majority of their life?
  3. What pest is considered to be a delicious food in Asia?

Many of you enjoyed the quiz I gave you last month, so here’s another one to test just how well you know your pests!

Scroll down for the answers….
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1. The Africanized honey bee, also known as the ” killer” bee, will pursue its attacker for over a quarter mile if it feels threatened.
2. A queen underground termite lives to produce eggs. Worker termites build nests, gather food and protect the colony while the queen has babies.
3. In Singapore, 2-inch long termite queens are considered a delicacy. They can be served live, dipped in alcohol or in rice wine.