There is a common myth that cockroaches are no longer a problem with the winter season. It may seem that cockroaches are less of a problem during the colder season because we see less of them. However, homes and businesses get invaded by pests more in the winter time than the summer time. Dave’s Pest Control will explain why cockroaches are more of a problem in the cooler season than the warmer season and how you can prevent an unwanted cockroach invasion this winter!

Do Roaches Like Cold Weather?

During the winter season it may appear that the cockroach population has gone down as you see less and less of them. This is because the breeding season for most cockroaches is at its peak during the warm seasons. However cockroaches will breed all year long. Even though breeding is slower in the winter that doesn’t mean they are less of a problem. Cockroaches will invade homes and business buildings more during the winter to escape the cold. Shelter and food becomes more and more of a necessity. This is why cockroaches become more relentless when it comes to invading homes. Another draw for cockroaches is the holiday season’s goodies. Cockroaches too would like to have those cakes and cookies and other holiday snacks we bring into our homes. Cockroaches have a major sweet tooth and all of the holiday desserts and snacks lure them in. Having a warm, safe place with an endless buffet is a luxury palace for a cockroach. As it is near impossible to stop cockroaches from coming into your home, there are ways to help prevent them or keep population down and more manageable.

Cockroach Prevention

Preventing cockroaches is our best defense. Let’s begin with inside our homes and businesses and work our way out. First, keep the inside of your home or business clean and free of clutter. This will prevent a major invasion of cockroaches. A home’s kitchen or office food lounge areas are most important to keep clean and all food sealed. Cockroaches are often found in kitchens and bathrooms because cockroaches are drawn to moist areas in a home or building. However it helps to keep food and clutter out of the reach of cockroaches. Roach baits and spray on the inside of the home will help kill any unwanted intruders. Next, let’s look at the outside of your home. Your real and first defense against cockroaches should start outside. Again clean up the outside of your property and most especially around your house. Remove any yard debris, trash and stacks of wood piles. Wood stacks should be located as far away from the home as possible. These kinds of places are shelters and breeding grounds for cockroaches as well as a great many other pests. Once you’ve cleaned up, spray pesticides around your home and especially around entry points of your home such as doors, windows, and vents outside of your home. Most commercial grades only last for a few weeks to a month so you will need to spray regularly to keep cockroaches out. Another downside to commercial grade pesticides is that cockroaches can develop a tolerance and eventually it will have no effect on them. If you have a major cockroach invasion, you will most certainly want to seek extra assistance from a licensed pest control company.

Professional Cockroach Pest Control

Cockroaches are a year round battle for home owners as well as business owners and managers. Don’t let your guard down this winter and find yourself invaded or worse, find your home became a breeding ground as the warm temperatures roll in. If you need help managing cockroaches in your homes and business call Dave’s Pest Control today.