If you are one of the unlucky people that have been walking around only to stop for a break on an ant hill then you know the sting that comes when an ant bites you. Ants may be small but they pack a punch and they travel in large groups called colonies. This means that if you happen across one there are more to follow. You might not notice them on you until they start to bite … and then you probably start to see more than you did a few minutes ago. Even worse than coming across an ant hill is finding a trail of them in your home. The summer is upon us and that means that ants are out and about on the hunt for food. Your home is a great spot for them to come in for a quick bite. They only need a small amount so the crumbs left behind are enough that they will enjoy a feast. There is one group of ant that is found often in Massachusetts and that is the black ant. Black ants come in several species and each one has unique characteristics.

Most Common Black Ants

Carpenter Ants:
The carpenter ant is a large and bulky ant that is no fun to find in a home. The carpenter ant is easy to identify due to the size of the ant since it tends to be larger than other ants. They have a long abdomen which is covered with gray hairs. They have the name carpenter ant for a really good reason. They use the wood to house their colony and instead of eating the wood like a termite they chew through it. They use the tunnels to nest and that can be a real nuisance to a home. Not only can it be a real pain to have around the house they are in fact causing damage to the wood structure as well. Carpenter ants can bite and something interesting is that they also has a second defense that they can use. They will spray formic acid on the predator to warn them not to mess around.

Pavement Ants:
The pavement ant is another type of black ant but is different in many ways to the carpenter ant. They are much smaller and can be black all the way to a reddish color as well. Instead of hanging out near the wood structures they like to be near the pavement as the name suggests. They are found in the cracks of the pavement and prefer to stay outdoors. Although they prefer the outdoors they are happy to head in to pick up a free meal. If they start to get in your home they are sure to cause trouble.

How To Get Rid Of Black Ants in Your House or Yard

The best way to get rid of ants is to contact a professional pest control company. We are able to treat the ants that have made it in the home and are also able to see where the ants are coming from. It is always best to treat ants at the source to ensure that they don’t come back. Dave’s Pest Control is waiting for your call!