Summer is full of travel for many people. Kids are out of school, the weather is warm and sunny, it’s the perfect combination for a care-free vacation. However, before you plan that next trip, you should be aware of an ever growing problem; bed bugs. They are expert hitch hikers and will try to come home with you if given the slightest chance. Dave’s Pest Control is here to share some tips to avoid bringing bed bugs home with you from your next vacation.

Check the National Bed Bug Hotel Registry

Before you make any reservations for your next vacation, check for any recent bed bug infestations. You can look at the reviews on most hotels to find any problems. It is likely that if a fellow traveler had a run-in with bed bugs while staying at a particular hotel, they will want to warn the world about it. You can also check the National Bed Bug Hotel Registry for any recent bed bug infestations in hotels you are considering.

Pack in Bed Bug Proof Plastic Bags and Storage Containers

When packing your luggage, it is best to take some precautions than deal with the consequences. Pack your belongings in sealed bags to protect them in the case your luggage is exposed to bed bugs. Take some other bags to put anything you purchase while you are on vacation.

Check Your Hotel Room for Bed Bugs

Before you move any of your belongings into the hotel room, you will want to do a thorough search. You will be checking for any bed bugs themselves as well as any blood spots or caste skins left behind from these nasty pests. You should plan to use a flashlight to check those hard to see places such as mattress seams, since this is where bed bugs really like to hide during the day. Using a card to scrape the surfaces of upholstered furniture will help you identify any signs of bed bugs as well. One good place to look is behind the headboard of your bed. This is a prime hiding place for bed bugs. Once you bring your belongings into the room, try not to store your luggage on the floor. Especially if the flooring consists of carpet. Keep your luggage up off the floor to keep it safe from bed bugs.

Bed Bug Prevention After Your Vacation

Even if you don’t think you were exposed to bed bugs while on vacation, you should be cautious upon arriving home. You don’t want to risk bringing this pest into your residence. Once to you get home, put all of your clothing in the dryer and dry on the highest heat setting for 30 minutes to kill any bed bugs that may have hitched a ride with you. Vacuum out your luggage once it is empty to ensure it is clean. Stay on your toes for a week or so upon arriving at home. Watch for any signs that bed bugs came with you.

Bed Bug Removal

If you fear you have brought bed bugs home with you, it is important to call a professional as soon as possible. A bed bug infestation can happen quickly and get out of hand in no time at all. Dave’s Pest Control offers bed bug control and prevention, and can assist you with any bed bug infestations you may be facing. Call us today!