New Giant Tarantula Discovered in Sri Lanka

In an article in by Nadia Drake, a new type of tarantula “about the size of your face” was found in northern Sri Lanka. The spiders, with a leg span up to 8 inches across, live in trees and the “old doctor’s quarters of a hospital in Mankulam.”

Boasting ornate markings, the spiders belong to the genus Poecilotheria, known as “Pokies” for short. These are the tiger spiders, an arboreal group indigenous to India and Sri Lanka that are known for being colorful, fast, and venomous. As a group, the spiders are related to a class of South American tarantula that includes the Goliath bird-eater, the world’s largest.

Thankfully, most of you will not find this spider in your home or place of business, but if you do, give Dave a call at 1-800-400-6009. (PS  I think I’ll need a BIGGER truck!)