Fleas are one of the most annoying insects that humans and pets alike will ever come into contact with. While fleas are generally associated with only affecting our four legged friends, this pesky insect can also latch itself onto humans, making life miserable until the problem has been taken care of. Dave’s Pest Control specializes in flea removal and control, keeping fleas away from your pets, home and family. Many homeowners make the mistake of attempting to remove fleas using over the counter solutions. These are a waste of money and time as well as a source of disappointment and frustration. The professional technicians at Dave’s Pest Control know exactly what it takes to remove fleas from your home and keep them away for good.

How to Eliminate Fleas from Your Home & Yard

Massachusetts provides a thriving environment with a variety of wildlife to latch onto. These insects can get a ride very close to your home and then latch onto your family pet to get inside of your residence. Fleas are wingless insects that measure to be about 1/8 inch in length, which can make them difficult to see. Although these insects do not have wings, they do have very long legs; which give them the ability to jump long distances to get onto their next host. A flea has a 7 inch vertical leap and can jump horizontally over a foot. They can easily jump from wildlife to family pet to inside of your home. Do not discredit the abilities of the flea, they will make every effort to find a new host and begin to lay eggs. Dave’s Pest Control specializes in stopping Massachusetts fleas from getting into your home.

Fleas Multiply Quickly Inside of Your Home

If a flea problem is not addressed sooner rather than later, it will result in a major flea infestation that will make home life extremely uncomfortable. Once a flea inside of your home reaches adulthood, its top priorities are to find blood and reproduce. Female fleas can lay up to 5000 or more eggs over their life, making a flea infestation a very real possibility if the problem is not addressed quickly. Dave’s Pest Control will stop fleas inside of your home from reproducing and remove them completely. Keep your pets and your family worry free and comfortable by contacting Dave’s Pest Control today for complete and professional flea control and removal.