As the cooler weather approaches, you may think you are in the clear as far as pests go. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. As the weather starts to cool off, pests are often seeking for a mate or looking for refuge from the cold. Unfortunately, your house provides the perfect shelter for them to ride out the winter safe and warm. Dave’s Pest Control is here to talk about what pests you may encounter in the fall, and how to keep them out of your house.

Fall Spiders in Your House or Garden

There is a reason that spiders are often associated with Halloween. This is a very active time for them, especially the black widow. Spiders like the black widow are looking for a mate as the weather starts to cool off and they become more active. This is when eggs are being laid, so keep your eyes out for any egg sacks. Black widows will defend their eggs, so be careful.

Cockroach Infestations

Cockroaches are a pest that are often associated with filth. Unfortunately, they are active all year long. Cockroaches thrive in warm temperatures, so they will most definitely be seeking refuge from the cooler weather. They will climb through any small space to gain access into your home. The problem with cockroaches is the fact that they carry numerous diseases that are a real risk to humans.

Flying Stinging Insects

Although the activity of stinging pests starts to slow during the fall, they are still out and active. There are certain wasps and hornets that build their nests underground and can still be active long after the weather cools down. If you see any nests, this is a good time to have them removed.

Mice & Other Rodent Problems

It doesn’t take a very big space for a mouse or rat to gain entry into your home. You may think they can’t fit, but we assure you they can! Mice and rats are looking for refuge during the fall months as well, and you don’t want to have them building nests anywhere in your home. If they build nests inside your walls, they can die in there and start to become a biohazard and really start to stink.

How to Prevent Bugs & Pests from Getting in Your House

Here is a list of things you can do to keep these common fall pests out of your house as the weather gets cooler:
1. Check for any openings into your house. This could include holes in siding, tears in screen doors and windows, or even loose roofing tiles.
2. Keep your landscaping trimmed. This is a great place for pests to hide.
3. Clean up your yard. Any piles of leaves or unkempt piles of wood are great places for spiders and other pests to lay and wait.
4. Look for and get rid of any nests. Stinging insects especially start to abandon their nests this time of the year, so get rid of any nests you find. Spiders like the black widow also start to set up shop this time of the year, and you can often see where they are there because of the messy web they create.

Fall Pest Management

Don’t wait until the weather cools off to start thinking about pest control this fall. You want to be ahead of the game and catch a potential problem before it is much worse. Dave’s Pest Control can help you prepare your home and property for fall time pests.