Dave’s Pest Control has teamed up with Pest World For Kids*, a web site that explores pest ecology as the intersection between human-created habitats and animal needs for food and shelter. Designed for students and teachers in the elementary and middle school grade, the web site offers information resources, interactive learning games, science fair kits, and lesson plans that support national standards developed by the National Science Teacher Association and the National Council of Teachers of English.

Looking for a project to do for your science fair? Try these downloadable science fair kits. They provide everything you need to get started thinking like a scientist, from forming a question to communicating results of your experiment.

Here is one kit your kids might enjoy doing — Which Came First: The Fly or The Egg?

Fruit flies are not only pests but they are also incredibly helpful in scientific research. For this project, you will start by observing the fruit fly life cycle. Then you will follow the scientific method to test how temperature affects fly development during their life cycle.

  • Age Range: Fourth Grade to Eighth Grade
  • Time Required: 2 weeks to 1 month or longer (if you choose).
  • Cost: Minimal – most materials are readily found in many home kitchens.

Click here to learn more about this science fair kit.