When you talk about pest control it is a big deal. The reason that pest control exists is not just because people are frightened by the sight of pests but because they are a nuisance and spread and carry disease. There are many pests that are helpful to nature and to people in general but not all. Although every living species has a place in the world some are not ones you want to see in your house and for good reason. They could be carrying disease and bacteria that can be extremely dangerous to you and your family. You want to make sure that you have a pest control company that treats your home on a daily basis.

Pests & Some of the Diseases They Can Spread

When you talk about pests that transmit diseases that are dangerous to people, ticks are at the top of the list. They carry several diseases that can have long lasting effects such as Lyme disease. The deer tick is the main transporter of this disease and it can cause fever, flu symptoms and rashes. Another real threat from ticks is Rocky Mountain spotted fever. This is transported by the American Dog Tick and symptoms will include pain in the muscles, fever and headaches. The symptoms can persist and will also later in the illness include diarrhea and joint pain. Another disease is spread primarily by the blacklegged tick and is spread from a single bite. The disease is called anaplasmosis. The infected person can experience symptoms that include fever, fatigue, chills and headache.

Cockroaches are no fun to have in your house. If you see one, you are sure to have many more around the house. You are right to be worried about cockroaches in your home for good reason. Cockroaches don’t typically bite to cause disease, but they are dangerous because of the bacteria they carry on their legs and body. Cockroaches carry and spread E. Coli and Salmonella which is what causes food poisoning. When roaches run across your kitchen counters they can easily be spreading bacteria and germs! Another bacteria that is left by cockroaches is Salmonella Typhi which is the bacteria that causes typhoid fever. The problem is that you can get quite sick and may require a visit to the doctor with a prescription to start antibiotics.

Another pest that causes disease when they bite someone is a flea. One of the diseases that are transmitted by fleas is the plague. The plague is an illness that is treatable but can be scary to deal with. The problem is it can show up as large abscess on the legs and arms of the person that is infected. The person can have swollen glands and headache and fever. There have even been cases that plaque has also caused respiratory problems.

Professional Pest Management

If you have trouble with any of these pests you can call a pest control company. Dave’s Pest Control offers pest control services to treat for unwanted pests in your home. Contact us to schedule an appointment today!