Although the plague is often believed to be an historical disease, did you know that about 10-15 people in the Untied States contract this flea-borne illness each year?

The most famous symptom of bubonic plague is painful, swollen lymph glands, called buboes. These are commonly found in the armpits, groin or neck. Due to its bite-based form of infection, the bubonic plague is often the first step of a progressive series of illnesses.

Two other types are pneumonic and septicemic. However, pneumonic plague, unlike the bubonic or septicemic, induced coughing, and was also very infectious and allowed person-to-person spread. Bubonic plague symptoms appear suddenly, usually 2–5 days after exposure to the bacteria. Symptoms include:

* Chills
* General ill feeling (malaise)
* High fever (102 degrees fahrenheit / 39 degrees celsius)
* Seizures
* Smooth, painful lymph gland swelling called a bubo, commonly found in the groin, but may occur in the armpits or neck, most often at the site of the initial infection (bite or scratch)
* Pain may occur in the area before the swelling appears

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