When it comes to pest control there are many pests that are an issue for homeowners. Some of the common pests that many people see in their homes are spiders, cockroaches, rats, mice and ants. These are all a problem that need to be treated by a professional but nuisance wildlife is even worse. They pose a bigger risk to the health and safety of the homeowner, their family and their property. They can become aggressive and destructive so it is best to leave the removal to the professionals.

Common Wildlife & What You Can Do to Get Rid of Them

Raccoons: When it comes to raccoons there are adorable videos on the internet that show them walking on their hind legs and playing with cats and other animals. The biggest issue is that from afar they may seem adorable but they are a wild animal. They have become more and more accustomed to people and coming around in search of food. Many times the draw for these pests to come close to a home is garbage cans as well as cat and dog food. The raccoons are different from other nuisance wildlife because their front paws are more like a person. They can separate their fingers and use them to grab and scoop. That makes them a real problem for lids on garbage cans since they can be pulled off. They are known for their black marking across the eyes making it seem like they are wearing a mask.

Skunks: These are well known and not for their adorableness but for their foul stench. They will spray an attacker when they feel threatened. The problem is this odor is not pleasant at all and can remain for several hours. It can be even worse when a person is sprayed. They are also found around homes looking for food and often time’s homeowners come home and surprise the skunk. You are then stuck with the foul odor. They also have a long tail that is very fluffy with a long white stripe all the way down its back.

Opossum: An opossum also called a possum, is a critter that people find in their homes attic, crawl space and in their general living area. They are a critter that give many people a fright. They make a lot of noise while they are crawling and scratching around. They are a scary nuisance wildlife because they have a nasty growl that can be scary. The mother opossum carries her babies on her back and while she has them she can become aggressive.

How to Deal With Nuisance Wildlife

When it comes to nuisance wildlife it is always recommended to keep your distance. They are a wild animal and can be unpredictable. That is why you need to call a professional pest control company that offers wildlife control. We can safely trap and remove the pest from around your home and find a release point. If you are dealing with nuisance wildlife, call Dave’s Pest Control today to start the removal process.