Bottle flies, cousins to the even more common blow fly, share many of the same traits and can also be found buzzing around residential and commercial buildings. Flies usually invade in small numbers but can quickly grow into an infestation should they be allowed to multiply within the walls of a property. Most property owners will encounter at least a few bottle flies during the year, especially if strong smelling foods are left out with windows open. Both the warm current and pleasant smells send flies an invitation to invade the building.

Despite their prevalence- most flies you see are either blow or bottle flies –these flies are not know to be dangerous. They can however become a problem if they are carrying pathogens that spread disease. Despite their gruesome nature in feasting on dead animals, they are important for the environment as they distribute the decomposing material in soil. But it is from these animal carcasses that flies often pick up the pathogens they spread. Flies can threaten your family and have been known to spread up to 30 different pathogens by coming into contact with food or surfaces in the home.

Preventing the infestation of bottle flies is possible if you eliminate their breeding grounds. Take out the trash and make sure you don’t have any meat left out in the open. Clean your house thoroughly, sanitation is essential for fly pest control, especially sanitation in the kitchen. If your home or business has become infested with these irritating pests, don’t hesitate to call Dave’s Pest Control today @ 800-400-6009 for a free evaluation! Dave’s Pest Control has years of experience exterminating fly infestations and will work with you to resolve any pest control needs. We can effectively provide you and your family a summer free from flies and many other threatening pests.