PestWorlds For Kids has a number of fun and educational projects for you to share with your students.

Here’s a sample Report Project…

You deal with pests all the time. But how can you prevent them from taking over your home?
Assignment: Become a Pest Expert

Select a pest from any of the more than 20 animals featured in the Pest Research section. Then, follow our 10-step procedure for organizing and communicating your new knowledge.

In fact, why not share that information with others? At the end of this manual are a few ideas for how to share your new knowledge. Maybe you’ll want to publish a research report for your school library. Maybe you’d like to make a digital slideshow for a PTA meeting. Or maybe you’ll want to script a Public Service Announcement to broadcast during your school’s morning announcements.

No matter what project you’d like to do, you first need to do a little research and a bit of writing. Research writing may seem like a lot of work, but if you follow a few simple steps you’ll be amazed about how much you can learn.